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Scope note: This class comprises the states of objects characterised by a certain condition over a time-span. An instance of this class describes the prevailing physical condition of any material object or feature during a specific E52 Time Span. In general, the time-span for which a certain condition can be asserted may be shorter than the real time-span, for which this condition held. The nature of that condition can be described using P2 has type. For example, the E3 Condition State "condition of the SS Great Britain between 22 September 1846 and 27 August 1847" can be characterized as E55 Type "wrecked". Examples: - the "Amber Room" in Tsarskoje Selo being completely reconstructed from summer 2003 until now - the Peterhof Palace near Saint Petersburg being in ruins from 1944 – 1946 - the state of my turkey in the oven at 14:30 on 25 December, 2002 (P2 has type: E55 Type "still not cooked")

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